Big Bad Blog

Big Bad Blog

Setting up a collection of blogs with Ghost...


  • Debian Jessie, with jessie-backports 4-series kernel
  • Apt configured for Minimal package install - no recommends - security doncha know
  • Nginx- currently HTTP, no SSL


  • Personal blogging for family members
  • Five individual thereof, each an own blog with personally selected theme...


  1. DNS - configure CNAMEs for each blog - sub-within-a-single domain
  2. SSL Certificate - get a free Nginx SSL certificate with up to 5 SAN entries
  3. Nginx - get multi-site HTTP/HTTPS working for two domains
  4. Ghost - install and base configure - see Ghost with the Most
  5. Blog - configure one, HTTP for reading, HTTPS for writing
  6. Follow-up
  • source control all configuration
  • review security and settings
  • configure backups for the blog content