Music of the Spheres

Music of the Spheres

I've been listening a lot to that hum-hiss-whistle that always seems to be there in the background of my experiencing-self. I assume this is the thing called tinnitus.

In my day-dreams, I wonder if it is something more than an auditory hallucination.

Weirdly, I can sense both quiet sounds and loud tinnitus at the same time - just as I can see bright colours and smell coffee at the same time, using two different senses. It doesn't feel like real sound - it is just sound-like - I can always distinguish it from true-sound. It doesn't feel like excess signal noise in my auditory nerves - I don't experience that with my vision, where much more data flows.

I wonder if this is actually another sense - perhaps part of me is feeling the underlying Musica Universalis? Maybe sensory components of the quantum-structure in my head are actually resonating with an effect from deep reality.

Wouldn't it be ironic if  the treatments and habituation designed to minimise tinnitus are actually dulling our truest sense of the universe!

I find myself reaching for the music under all sorts of circumstances - when meditating, when walking, when exercising, when playing piano - to see if I can detect how the universe curls around me in multiple tiny dimensions, or if the whisper of dark energy can be felt.

I search for the places where it seems stronger - wondering if these are Thin Places where reality might be different, or where one could step from one universe into an alternate. I felt it very strongly once, in a clump of trees, when walking Eddie in windy weather. Another time, just as clearly, out in the open on the exposed heath, but always in the background of my experiencing self. I haven't found a locality correlation yet - perhaps the music is not bound by the here and now - it might be an echo from the future or past.

I also reflect that the first step in being able to generate an effect is to be able to sense a change, and then to create a feedback loop. Maybe one day, I will be able to change the real by generating a chord that affects the Music of the Spheres.

But first, coffee.