C-Bus Magics

C-Bus Magics

So we are sucking up the juice again - and checking the rosebed-cam, our side security light is on ALL the time, argh! Why don't they do LED sensor-spots in NZ (sigh)??

I ran the C-Bus Toolkit Version 1.15.2 remotely over the VPN on Lugh - then examined `RO -> Network -> Applications -> Lighting -> OS BR4 ROBE - SECURITY -> has Group-Id 103 (decimal). I double-checked this against R7-CH3 - yep, there is a dependency - conclusion: this is the correct group-id.

To turn it off (again!):

telnet -4 localhost 20023
> 201 Service Ready
get 254/56/103 level
> 300 //RO/254/56/103: LEVEL=255
off 254/56/103
> 200 OK: //RO/254/56/103
get 254/56/103 level
> 300 //RO/254/56/103: level=0
> 204 Closing connection.

Will check tomorrow - and flash it to confirm correct group-id.

PS - Must get around to making a better web-based interface for C-Gate.