Ghost with the Most

Ghost with the Most

Ghost Installation - as part of the Big Bad Blog project, I lightly followed - which directs you first to install NodeJS - and recommends 0.10.x.

Once you have NodeJS installed, you grab the Ghost zip and set up a template Ghost installation in /var/www/ghost.

Once your Ghost install is complete, you can Instantiate a New Blog.

Install NodeJS

The NodeJS instructions are at

sudo -i                           # need to get to the root of the problem

npm                               # maybe nodejs is installed? nope - failed.

apt-get install curl              # nodejs install
apt-get install ca-certificates   # nodejs install - nodejs repo key is checked

# Running a script off the internet as root - unsafe? check it first!
# I installed the 6-series first but Ghost didn't like that

curl -sL | bash -
apt-get install nodejs       

# Check that it worked by running `npm` - if npm is NOT FOUND, 
# you've installed the Jessie nodejs package - rerun setup_0.10 
# and carefully check that it ran without error

Install Ghost

# We will create a template-ghost installation
# which will later get copied into each blog-site.
cd /var/www           

apt-get install sqlite3           # ghost datastore
apt-get install unzip             # ghost install

# Get URL for latest versions from
# Alternate - but you won't get a version-named zip
# curl -L -o                        

# We are creating a template installation folder in /var/www/ghost, 
# this gets copied into site folders for distinct blogs
unzip -d ghost
cd ghost                                      

# This takes a while - make sure it completes without any errors.
# There are a couple of NodeJS version warnings.
npm install --production

# prepare the config.js template for our websites
cp config.example.js config.js

# Set the following in both PRODUCTION and DEVELOPMENT,
# You don't want your password in clear-text over the internet, do you!
vi config.js 
  forceAdminSSL: true,

# test Ghost - Ctrl-C to finish
npm start --production         

# We now have a working Ghost template installation in /var/www/ghost

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